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In today's message we unpack Pauls letter to the Galatians, posing these questions: If we are accepted through God‘s gift of Jesus alone, does it matter how we live our lives? And if it does, how do we know we’re living in ways that please him? 

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Paul has reached his closing argument in the first part of his letter. Jesus has come for your freedom. So then, are you free? What would it take to stand firm in this freedom and not bow again to any yoke of enslavement? Paul is inviting us into a moment of encounter with the Holy Spirit and into a space of liberation before God. Will we enter?
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To receive the gift of grace is to recognize our efforts towards self-sufficiency ultimately fall short while God’s promises never fail. Despite that, we may find ourselves tempted to return to old ways of thinking and living that prevent us from experiencing full freedom in Jesus. Why do we do this? How will the full reception of God’s gift change us so much that we no longer desire to turn back to weaker ways of living?
Part 6 in our series through Galations titled "No Other Gift," By Pastor Julie Langenberg
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God is a promise-making and promise-keeping God. In Jesus, God makes promises to us. What are these promises, and how do we prepare ourselves, and our communities, to receive them?
Part 5 in our Galation series "No Other Gift," by Pastor Russell Joyce
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Dr. AJ Swoboda delivers the fourth message in our No Other Gift series.

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