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Steve Overman, August 30, 2015

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On this morning, we read together the story of Naaman's powerful transformation in 2 Kings 5:1-19 and see how Naaman's story is also our story. We all experience disappointments and detours in our lives and sometimes we don't always understand why.


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In Psalm 103 we read that the psalmist reminds us about who God is and who we are in God...and not to forget.

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Our journey doesn't always go as planned, and we will encounter storms along the way. George Boehmer reads from Mark 4:35-41 and Luke 8:22-25 recounting the story of Jesus and the disciples caught in the wind and waves.

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Julie Langenberg shares what has been on her heart while reading and studying Psalm 51.

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Steve Overman | Sunday, August 9, 2015

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What are some ways we can live from the inside out?  We look to the scriptures in Psalm 26 and Pastor George makes note of several characteristics that David modeled that can help us on our personal journey to live a life with integrity.

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On this journey called life, we must read the signs along the way to experience God's preferred future for us. On this morning, Pastor Jim makes four observations and encouragements about our journey.

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