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We’ve been delivered and set free and we have great promises…but sometimes our lives can feel "in-between". If we let them, these in-between times can be a beautiful and powerful place to discover and rediscover God’s grace!

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What might Jesus say is the most important thing in our lives? Using Jesus’ famous answer to the question of an expert in the Law of Moses this message suggests it is to love God with our whole being and to love our neighbors as ourselves. It further suggests a start for how we can do that.

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This is the third sermon by Pastor Aaron Friesen in a five-part series titled, "The Promise of Restoration".

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This is the second sermon in a series titled "The Promise of Restoration" by Pastor Steve Overman

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This study series concludes by exploring the valuable role played by each and every person and the importance of shared, public prayers and covenant renewal rituals in the rebuilding process.

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