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Andy Gilbert speaks about happiness and how it relates to life.

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Steve Overman furthers our discussion on Reaching Out with the story story of Jesus and the Woman at the Well.

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Pastor George reads the book of Habakkuk, introduces us to this prophet and talks about what Habakkuk learned.

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Aaron Friesen continues our study on Reaching Out by looking at "The Three Spiritual Movements", a book by Henri Nouwen

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AJ Swoboda is our guest speaker on this Wednesday evening.

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Pastor Steve Overman read and discusses John 1.

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George Boehmer reads Proverbs 18:21 and talks about the power of our words -- they are a poison or a fruit.

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Steve Overman talks about Reaching Out through learning about Creation.

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George Boehmer reads and discusses Proverbs 3:1-12.

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