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This morning, Pastor George shares from the prophet Habakkuk about facing despair and finding hope.

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We gathered on Christmas Eve to reflect on and celebrate the birth of Jesus.

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Pastor Steve shares this morning from Luke 1 & 2 about the people who welcomed the coming of God's Kingdom of restoration and peace.

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This evening, Pastor Steve shares from John's witness about God's light and the invitation to come and see.

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Pastor Kathy shares this morning from Isaiah 9:1-7 about God's promise of his light.

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Pastor George shares this evening from Luke 2:8-20 about the good tidings and great joy for all people.

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This morning, the Youth Christmas Choir led us in worship and Pastor Steve shared a message about "Celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ."

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Pastor George shares from James 1:17a about how freely we have received freely…re-gift!

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Pastor Steve shares from I Corinthians 11:23-34 for this Thanksgiving Communion Service.

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